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Easy to use cloud based RIS + PACS. Work-lists. Image routing. Tele-radiology. Secure backups. Share results with patients and referring physicians.

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  • 15 minute install per site
  • Easy radiology workflow
  • Custom radiology templates
  • Vector neutral archiving (VNA)
  • Secure & HIPAA compliant
  • Business intelligence reports
  • Patient and Physician Portals
  • Team-oriented workflows. 
  • Zero-footprint HTML5 viewer (FDA, CE, Canada and others).
  • View images on any device, anywhere.
  • Sophisticated filtering rules for multi-client teleradiology businesses.
  • HIS + RIS integration API
  • Fast & automated image routing.

Radiology providers change for the better when they adopt Ally PACS

Teleradiology groups, clinics, hospitals and non-profits around the world have adopted Ally PACS to fundamentally improve their radiology workflow.

"Super practical and efficient. Highly recommended and the support is always available."

-Jorge Vences, Head of IT, Climed Diagnostics

"Excelent service and support. The connections are very stable and the DICOM viewer is very fast. The platform is easy to use and very clean. The patient portal is perfect. 100% recomendable."

-Misael Zamudio, CEO Medirad Imaging

"I really like Ally PACS, first of all it's very easy to learn, the uploads and downloads are very fast, it's very intuitive, the reporting module is great and patient's have easy access to their results. Excellent support post-sales, 100% recomended."

-Alex Nicolas, Head of IT, Cegnos Diagnostics

"Ally PACS has been an excellent solution for our teleradiology group. It's allowed us to provide a much better experience for our referring doctors and patients. It's simple, practical, and has all the necessary tools for radiology reporting."

-Dr. Gonzalo Retamales, CEO Revis Teleradiology

"Ally PACS is a powerful tool that allows us to deliver for our clients. Our radiologists actually enjoy working with it and we receive the support we need when we need it. Ally PACS is an important resource in the growing of our teleradiology business and I'm sure of many others 👍."

-Dr. Randolph Estrada, Head of Radiology at Telediagnos Radiology

"Extraordinary support! Practical and convenient. Easy access to the exams. We love it!"

-Mariana Menese, Radiology Technician

Trusted by radiology groups globally.

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